Mining & Civil Insurance

Super Pit Kalgoorlie Western Australia

The Australian mining industry continues to grow stronger in recent times. Increasing mining goes hand in hand with increased risk, as well as increased opportunities. Many mining companies struggle to maintain a balance when looking after both aspects of their business.

Levelling the field for our clients is one of the many ways Connect Business Insurance helps make your business run more smoothly. Managing business risks is a critical aspect of the mining industry.

Connect Business Insurance can provide comprehensive cover that's customised for your business. Our mining insurance experts are able to respond to your questions and assist your planning.

What Mining Roles Do We Cover?

Civil contractors


As you oversee, plan, and design necessary structures on a mining site, get cover that protects your interests in the event of an unforeseen event.

Drilling contractors


We have an experienced team of insurance professionals on hand to provide specialist mining cover for drilling contractors.

Exploration and mining contractors


Comprehensive cover is essential for exploration and mining contractors. Connect Business Insurance has the expertise to protect you.



With many specialist skills required as a quarry or mining contractor, your business and employees will be fully covered in an unforeseen event.

Camp construction


Being tasked with creating a safe and comfortable camp can be hard. Should the unthinkable happen, our mining insurance policies will cover you.

Surveying contractors


Few, if any, mining sites could accomplish anything without a skilled surveying contractor. We can provide cover for this role.



We understand the nature of what crushing and screening contractors bring to a project. It is crucial to have the proper coverage in this position.

Project managers


While you are busy overseeing a project, our team is looking out for you with the mining insurance necessary to give you real peace of mind.

Why Do I Need Civil or Mining Insurance?

When you consider the potential hazards of various jobs throughout the mining sector, it becomes apparent that being uninsured or underinsured puts you at risk for ruin in the event of a significant mishap at your mine. Can you risk an entire civil or mining project merely because the right cover wasn't in place?

Why Do I Need Mining and Civil Business Insurance Cover?

Additional benefits include:

  • Compliance across all Australian states and territories is required
  • Financial risks that stem from the marketplace, as well as market volatility, should be a consideration when looking for mining and civil business insurance
  • Recently, we have seen increases in the commitment to protect the environment from actions that harm the planet. The trend is likely not going away. In fact, preparing for new regulations and changes in legislation are essential for anyone in the mining sector.
  • The world is experiencing unprecedented work interruptions due to COVID-19. Insuring against future work stoppages, as well as an economic slowing or a reduced rate of recovery, makes sense.

Do Different Aspects of the Mining Industry Need Types of Cover?

The short answer to the question is yes. The mining industry encompasses numerous specific areas where the insurance cover, the cost of insurance, as well as who is responsible for obtaining it, can differ.

Plant and Equipment Cover

A few examples of this divergence include:

  • Mining underground
  • Above ground mining
  • Contractors or subcontractors working at mining sites
  • Specifics of the work completed by a contractor or a subcontractor. For example, an electrical contractor involved in work at mining camp facilities will have different requirements than an electrical contractor who is working directly on mining equipment.
  • The specific position within the mining company will dictate various aspects of the mining insurance cover

Connect Business Insurance has an experienced team who can help you get the mining and civil insurance cover that will best suit your needs, regardless of your role in the industry.