Do You Need Owner Builder Insurance?

Get Affordable Owner Builder Insurance

Building or renovating your home?
You need owner builder insurance that provides:

Get Affordable Owner Builder Insurance
Affordable cover for owner builders
Can cover your existing structure
Cover for projects already commenced
Cover for tools up to $10,000
Voluntary workers cover
Owner builder home warranty

Why Do Owner Builders Across Australia Choose
Us for Their Insurance Needs?

Affordable and easy.

The risks to owner builders are unique. Many people think builder's insurance will cover them, but when it comes to making a claim it’s simply not the case. We break down what is important for owner builders and other options you should consider.

Our quote process is simple. Call our owner builder insurance expert now and we can give you an affordable quote over the phone within a few minutes.

Construction hard to place.

Is your construction hard to place? We deal with different projects on a daily basis. Whether it's house raising, restumping, works on the boundary, projects over 24 months, projects north of 26th parallel or other.

Once you’re happy with your quote, full protection is only moments away.

We cover theft and damage (where others won't).

In the event of a claim, your property and belongings can be insured should malicious damage/vandalism, theft, fire damage, storm, wind and water damage occur while you are building.

Your Connect Business Insurance owner builder policy also covers demolition costs and professional fees.

Whatever your needs, we have a wide expertise in providing tailored insurance solutions for almost any business or trade.

Our highly trained and experienced insurance claims staff are adept at dealing with all claims, quickly and effectively.

We have an expert team of insurance professionals on hand to deal with injury management and workers compensation claims.

With many businesses facing increasingly difficult financial times, premium funding is useful as it enables your business to free up its cash flow for use elsewhere.