Do You Need Public Liability Insurance Cover?

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance cover protects you and your business if a person who is not employed by you sustains an injury or suffers a loss because of an accidental occurrence that you or your business is found liable for.

This cover guards against financial loss should you or your company representatives be found negligent.

Do I Need Public Liability Insurance?

If you own a business that involves any kind of interaction with people outside of your company, public liability insurance is a smart choice.

While individual insurance cover can vary, most small to medium-size businesses need a policy that covers the following:

Types of Liability Insurance
  • The cost of injuries to third parties, as well as medical costs you have paid to assist the victim at their point of need
  • Costs of damage, destruction, or loss of physical property
  • The costs of damages stemming from the actions of those working on your behalf
  • Costs of legal settlement or defence
  • Damages to your buildings or materials
  • Up to $20 million in liability coverage

Unfortunately, those involved in the property and business sectors face the greatest risk of public liability problems.

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How Can Product Liability Cover Help My Business?


As a business owner, you devote your time, talent, and expertise in creating products or offering services that you are proud of and that function properly. Mistakes happen every day even to those who are especially cautious and conscientious.

Should these mistakes come in the form of a product you design, manufacture, or sell, you may find yourself involved in expensive and time-consuming litigation. This is the scenario where product liability insurance can save your livelihood. Your specific role in the supply chain will not make you immune to a lawsuit. However, by choosing a product liability policy, you can protect yourself.

While it may seem unfair, those who sell products shoulder some responsibility for the content and performance of the goods. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) works to assist with the overall safety of products. Since 2012, the ACCC recalled approximately 429 items each year.

Product Liability Insurance Case Study

Your construction company is using building materials from an unfamiliar manufacturer. The quality appears good, and you have no reservations about the office building you recently completed.

The shingles begin to crumble shortly after the building sells. Even though you did not manufacturer the defective shingles and you are positive your workers installed them correctly, you can be part of legal action by the owner of the building.

A product liability insurance policy will help with your court costs as well as any fines or settlements issued by the court.

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What Can Product and Public Liability Insurance Cover?

All policies are unique to the insured’s needs. Speak with your insurance broker to learn the specifics of your policy. Generally, product and public liability insurance policies will cover:

  • Investigation costs
  • Settlement fees
  • Awarded damages
  • Personal injury
  • Property damage
  • Injuries that occur because of advertising

What is Usually Not Covered by Product or Public Liability Insurance?

  • Employee claims
  • Asbestos related claims
  • Cost related to damage of your own product
  • Costs associated with fixing substandard workmanship
  • Costs incurred while using a registered motor vehicle

Please remember that this information is not considered to be advice and is not a total representation of all of the facets of the insurance. For complete information, please reach out to a Connect Business Insurance broker.

Why Do Australian Businesses Turn to You for Insurance Needs?

Here at Connect Business Insurance, we have the expertise needed to determine your insurance needs as well as the experience to get your needs met. We make sure your cover is sufficient to meet the unforeseen events that occur at businesses and work sites.

Because Connect Business Insurance associates understand the ins and outs of the insurance industry, they can also suggest different types of insurance cover you may not know you need.

What Other Business Insurance Do I Need?

Connect Business Insurance offers cover to meet all of your business’ insurance needs. Our comprehensive list of services includes:

Type of Cover
Potential Benefits
Business Insurance
Protects your company from criminal acts, floods, fires, and other unforeseen disasters
Construction Insurance
Provides cover for equipment, building materials, and the project
Workers Compensation
We keep your employees properly covered at better rates than our competitors because we can negotiate terms with top insurers

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